Residential Program


The Residential Program provides a home living environment, activities, and assists with academic requirements seven (7) days a week for students in 7th - 12th grade. The bedrooms are furnished for 1 - 4 students depending on the size of the room. The rooms are assigned by grade and floor. Snacks are provided in the evenings.

Activities: The Dorm Council helps plan the monthly activities including monthly Incentive trips with staff. The recreation center has X-Box, PS3, and Wii. The DVD collection has more than 500 movies and games.
The students participate in various activities throughout the year such as pow-wows, drumming, basketball, volleyball, softball, camping, fishing, hiking, 3 on 3 games and other intramural games. The Residential Program also is a member of the Venturing Program (Boy Scouts) and Boys and Girls Club.

Campus Visitation: Parent/Legal guardians are welcome to visit the dormitory and school. A designated place and time will be posted in the dorm. However, please not the following: "Persons not currently enrolled as a pupil or employed as a staff member of MIS, shall not be permitted on the school premises without the full knowledge of the Superintendent. This statement includes Law Enforcement officials".
Federal, State and Tribal laws prohibit convicted Sexual Offenders from entering school property.


(Students Name)                                         (Students Name)
Girls Dorm                                                     Boys Dorm
PO Box 187                                                   PO Box 187
Marty, SD 57361                                           Marty, SD 57361

Girls Dorm Office       605-384-2200                Boys Dorm Office        605-384-2173
Girls Dorm Student     605-384-3819                Boys Dorm Student      605-384-3690


HEALTH CARE SERVICES are readily available through the school nurse and I.H.S. Urgent care during the evening. The off reservation students are screened by the School Nurse before they are taken to the I.H.S for their appointments. The local parents are responsible for their students health needs as per I.H.S. requirement. The Residential staff are certified in Cardiac Pulmonary Resuscitation, Automated External Defibrillator and Emergency First Aid.

LAUNDRY SERVICES are available in each dorm for student use. Detergent is provided or students may bring their own.

SECURITY is provided after school hours and overnights. Security is available at 605-284-2154.

STUDY HALL is from 3:30 - 4:30 PM Sunday - Thursday. Teachers are available for assistance with homework. Computers are also available in the dorm for student use.

TRANSPORTATION for off reservation students is provided to and from home for Christmas and Spring Break.